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Acrylic, resin and mixed media paintings using the following substrates.  The substrate used will be mentioned in the description of the painting.  


  • Canvas is relatively lightweight and is the most common substrate I use for acrylic painting.  Canvas is the traditional substrate for painting, but I don't always like to be traditional!

Wood Panel

  • Wood panels are similar in weight to canvas, but are sturdier and provide a much smoother surface than canvas.  They are great not only for acrylic painting, but resin and mixed media also.  

MDF-medium-density fiberboard   

  • MDF is a heavier substrate than canvas, but it can provide a much smoother surface than canvas.  It is similar to the look and feel of a wood panel, but doesn't have deep, gallery edges.  This is my least commonly used substrate only because it gets quite heavy in larger sizes.